Walko Chiropractic & Nutrition
69 Davis Straits
Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA 02540

tel: 508-540-4000

fax: 508-540-5151


Chiropractic is wellness care...
We are a holisitic office offering direction in areas of nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude and relaxation.

Walko Chiropractic & Nutrition offers state of the art, effective chiropractic care, treatments for sports, work and motor vehicle injuries, manual muscle techniques, Applied Kinesiology, Detoxification and Wellness Programs. We regularly see patients who travel from hours away for our services.

Nutrition is welleness care...
We help you get well and stay well by uncovering your primary stressors and developing effective strategies to increase your health and well-being.

Using therapeutic nutrional protocols, we help you make lifestyle changes, lose weight or target your area of health.
We freely integrate with medical Professionals
Our clinic maintains a good working relationship with local hospitals and other medical specialists for full diagnostic capabilities and also with other complementary care providers, all in an effort to help achieve optimum wellness for our patients.
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